About us

About IYF

International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a global youth organization and international NGO. It works towards leadership nurturing and practical problem solving methods for the problems of the global village, founded on Christian values. IYF nurtures the leaders of the next generation with intellectual power, a humble character and a cosmopolitan outlook. Through various international exchange activities, pursuit to enhance the harmony of mutual understanding between the country and the people.

Through proprietary programs, events, and practical opportunities, IYF strives to:

  1. Advance Christian mission work in developed and developing countries
  2. Administer alternative methods of post-secondary education
  3. Create international awareness and cultural exchange
  4. Promote the value of meaningful performing arts
  5. Facilitate short-term and long-term volunteerism domestically and overseas
  6. Develop leadership skills that are applied on a global level