Founder's Message

IYF is a light that shines on the hearts of youth.

Young people try to decorate their lives with style and individuality; however, this cannot give true freedom or peace. Today’s youth have long wandered from the values and social responsibilities needed to guide the next generation —they are our hope and our future. 

IYF shares their worries and difficulties and supports their endeavors and passion. IYF is a bright, vibrant festival for the youth of tomorrow. There is sharing and volunteering in IYF, because its members can sacrifice for others and are freed from their own small world. 

IYF is a cradle of global leadership that nurtures strong hearts in all people and lifts them up to discover their dreams. Just as a star gleams through the darkness, the youth of IYF will become bright stars that shine throughout the world.

-IYF Founder, Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park