10th Bi-annual National Secondary School Students Leaders Conference

During the 10th Bi-annual National Secondary School Students Leaders Conference held in Nakuru High School, a total of 1,700 leaders gathered together. This is a representation of the total secondary schools students’ population that now stands at 4 million students countrywide. In the five day conference the leaders are trained on various aspects of life geared to providing a secure and adequate environment of studies

kessha meeting9.jpg Students attending the Conference

Among the invited guest speaker was Yohan Kim, Chairman, International Youth Fellowship a specialist in character education under the program by International Youth Fellowship dubbed Mind education. Citing the numerous challenges facing the education sector Yohan Kim addressed the biggest issue of addiction facing the 21st century student. Smart phone addiction is now becoming a trend among students but it’s a trickling bomb.

kessha meeting7.jpg Yohan Kim, giving the Mind Education to the student Leaders

In January 2019 one teacher was hacked to death by students after he confisticated a phone from one of the students.“This is the true scenario we are facing including the teachers” said the KESHA Chairman Indimuli khali while referring to how phone addiction is becoming a menace, with no solution being offered so far.

kessha meeting1.jpg KESHA Chairman Indimuli khali (left) discuss with Yohan Kim

Yohan kim stated

“When living inside ourselves, completely separate from others, this kind of isolated life looks fine until something serious happens. But it actually hides great danger in it. Everyone is born with aggressive tendencies, but become refined by continuous interactions and nourishment. However, those who do not share their hearts miss opportunities to be refined. They cause impulsive accidents by justifying dangerous imaginations by themselves.”

kessha meeting3.jpg Yohan Kim, giving the Mind Education to the student Leaders

kessha meeting6.jpg Students take note during the Mind Education session

The National Secondary School Students under the guidance of the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association came up with 17 resolutions with the school administration taking the bigger responsibility. Mind education which falls under the mentorship resolution offers a solution to the current social problems faced within the education docket.

kessha meeting5.jpg

                 Report by Henry Maina, Director of Mind Education in Kenya