Campus life - Empowering KCA Uni Freshmen with the strong and positive mindset

On 9th - 10th May 2019 we were privileged to give mindset education at KCA University having special lecturers who expansively talked about current issues facing students in campus. Over 650 students gathered for two days at the Barclays club hall during the orientation program specifically for mind education.


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Desire is an engine to human body, is having desire wrong? Not at all !without desire you cannot do anything ,if you can control your desire then it becomes a tremendous thing ,as youths and students we have many desires i.e. to pass exams, to have relationship, etc. It is good, but desire without self-control is dangerous, now what is self-control: This is the ability to subdue ones impulses, emotions and behavior so as to accomplish a longer goal, in other words it’s the brake system of the mind.


With these we realize that desire and self-control correlate .Then if these is the case we must know the causes of lack of self-control and how to gain self-control.These causes of lack of the brake power or self-control includes:

Lack of power to contemplate ,overprotection from parents ,desiring a wealthy life, materialistic world and yearning to fulfil our desires,

these might lead to weak mind ,acting impulsively, committing crime to fulfill what you desire to have, Students were also taught how to gain self-control, where the lecturer emphasized on bending the heart which is forsaking my right thought, the most challenging action that you could think of doing, thinking on how to accept the fact that, I might be wrong any time, and no matter how right I might seem to be, I should forsake my thought and accept the other persons opinion. Also to gain the brake power they were reminded to have self-evaluation, think of others first and last but not list, trying things they have never done before, to challenge themselves.

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Desires are not only embraced by youths but people of all ages starting from young age ,but if one is able to gain the brake power then this engine called desire is controllable and valuable .The program was fully adhered to by the students where after mind lecture there was time for group meeting to encourage interaction, and sharing of hearts where they could discuss about what they heard during the 2 hour period.


In the last session of the training was time for Mind recreation. A time to put class theory into practice, team work, concentration, listening skills and many other vital skills could be gained through this mind games, students gathered into different groups where they competed amongst themselves.



This was a moment for joy where many rarely get time to play with others of same age, since schooling is class to house activity; IYF mind education brought overwhelming happiness to the entire KCA University.

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The training was conducted by International Youth Fellowship Mind Education facilitators in partnership with KCA University Lecturers who have specialized in Mind Education. This training is now empowering the students with the right and positive mindset as they make their entry to campus life.