Changing NYS

Transformation through Mind Education Training.

At the National Youth Service Naivasha Technical Training Institute, NYS officers experienced a transformational training conducted by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF).

The mind education training comes at a time the NYS is undergoing a change after being approved to turn into a corporate by the cabinet. Under the objective of transforming the largest youth institution in the country, the Director General Ms.Matilda Sakwa, permitted the training of trainers which will see 50 officers trained in the first round.

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NYS Officers at the training

Between the 19th and 23rd of August 2019, 28 officers drawn from Naivasha Technical Training Institute and Gilgil NYS College, were the first lot to undergo the Mind Education Specialist Training.During the launch of the training, chairman of the International Youth fellowship Mr. Yohan Kim, stressed the need of a strong, sound and positive mindset in the current generation particularly for the NYS officers who are handling a large number of youth. In Kenya and beyond the youth have been victims of femicides, suicides, homicides, drug and substance abuse, crime, school arson, riots ,unemployment among other issues that has left them vulnerable.

While officially opening the training, Deputy Director General of NYS Mr. Enoch Amdavi, gave his observation about the training saying;

“Training is very important especially for officers dealing with the current youth. Young people are daring and take risks hence the officers require effective training to be well fitted than the youth. As NYS this is our mandate to see to it that officers are trained constantly both nationally and internationally. This has come at the appropriate time and IYF takes a key role because it focuses on both local and international trainings.

The NYS Director of Social transformation Dr. Beatrice Oyori, greatly believes the training will bring the essential change among the staff and the youth who undergo various training at the NYS."

NYS Naivasha 2.jpg Dr. Oyori at the certificate awarding ceremony

“The president directed that all institutions should come up with solutions to solve the current state of reported cases of suicides and homicides. His Excellency gave a direction to employers and learning institutions to invest more time and resources in monitoring and facilitating the mental wellbeing of everyone. This training couldn’t have come at a better time.NYS is now ahead of other institutions thanks to IYF.”

During the five day training, officers were taken through numerous aspects comprising; critical thinking, communication, self-awareness, self-development, weak mind, desire and self-control, change, wisdom among other life skills like presentations of lectures.

NYS Naivasha 3.jpg Training session

The officers’ greatest concern was the missing gap when it comes to training the NYS staff, mainly on how to handle problems that emanate from mental and emotional health, which cause social problems. The Naivasha training representative, Mr. Tillen Odongo, commended the Mind Education Specialist training by saying, “At First we didn’t know what this mind education is all about. But we now fully understand the world of the heart and how to handle issues in life more so at the work place. I have discovered that the fundamental cause of today’s individual and society problems is because people have a weak mind but are ignorant of this fact.”

NYS Naivasha 4.jpg Mr. Tillen Odongo

“During my work tenure at NYS I have seen the youth suffer. At the society level I saw people die after living a miserable life and I didn’t know how to help. I wish I had learnt this mind education before, for now I know the cause of all these problems. Nevertheless, I am now in a better position than before.” Said Pricillah

During the training participants had an opportunity to discuss how they can practically solve problems that NYS and the country is facing through group discussions and presentations.

Mind education Training has adopted a different methodology on how to approach and solve problems faced in the 21st Century. Mind recreation is an effective tool to express happiness and joy among all cadres of people. The officers were not left out too as they engaged in the games that left smiles on their faces.

NYS Naivasha 5.jpg Mind recreation

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The second lot of officers to be trained will take place in Nairobi with participants drawn from the Nairobi Cosmopolitan region.