Mentoring that moves the Heart.

### Form 4 Leavers Camp 2nd Edition - Mentoring that moves the Heart.

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Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in schools and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students' chances for success. Research shows that students who experience good mentoring also have a greater chance of securing academic tenure-track positions, or greater career advancement potential in administration or sectors outside the education field

Our society, which has rapidly developed with the general economy, has its goals in increasing and expanding materialistic economic value. Consequently, more weight is put on quantitative expansion rather than inner value, with more and more cases of justifying the means by the ends. Accordingly, social deterioration is being manifested and many are suffering from the psychologically harmful effects. Now is the time to recover life’s essential value. It is time to ask ourselves again what a desirable school education, entrepreneurial spirit, household,and social value is. Mind education is the search for the answer to such questions.

Mind education means education that changes the mind. This era demands that true mind education is the one that changes the mind from negativity to positivity, misery to hope, and isolation to sympathy. Fortunately, we are glad and hopeful to be able to seek normalization of school education through the enactment of the Character Education Improvement Law before our society deteriorates any further. The mission and goal of our IYF is to realize a happy society through a bright and healthy mind.MWe look forward to making and opening the way to such a society.

That is why IYF stated the FORM 4 LEAVERS PROGRAM to help young youths to transitiion into the new field in the society as well as university and college life. The pogram incoporate all aspects to create a wholesome person endowed with a right Mindset for a successful and happy life.

The Form 4 Leavers Camp is the ideal place for the young graduants to interact, learn of opportunities available, be guided on career choices as well as the independent life in campus. The camp is also an orientation to a 6 months program we have for the youths

Through a 6 months training we will offer FREE TRAINING on;

 Foreign Languages i.e French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean etc)

 Computer (Basic and Indesign)

 Camera Work

 Video & Audio Editing

 Dance

 Music & Instruments

 Drama

 Taekwondo Martial Arts.


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