Transformation of the National Police Service through Mind Education

Let’s now focus on the software, says President Uhuru Kenyatta

His Excellency the president Uhuru Kenyatta has now shifted gears in transforming the National Police Service. During his speech on the 12th December 2018 he urged more to be done on the software of the officers. AS Mind Education; it was opportune time for the National Police College Embakasi B Campus to experience the software change through mind education training which was held on 14th May 2019.

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Upon invitation by the General Service Unit training college, a total of 80 officers gathered for the session. The officers that ranged from corporals and above were introduced to the world of the heart that focuses on character development and self-awareness. The training comes at a time that the country has reported numerous cases of officers’ committing suicide or killing colleagues or family members.

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It’s evident that the challenges being faced by the National Police Service are emanating from lack of emotional intelligence. Mind Education is modeled to empower individuals with a strong and positive mindset that can overcome challenges of the 21st century.


After the lecture on importance and necessity of mind education within the national police service, group discussions were held to help broaden the perspective of officers in solving issues.




The officers further engaged in recreation and they couldn’t hide their joy. Rarely do you see them play and laugh but the afternoon session was the best for them to unwind in fun filled games.



The GSU Training College has recognized the need of having the software change of its officers and has partnered with the mind education training program to conduct sessions during various courses including the promotional courses.
                          ##### Report By Henry Maina, Director, Mind Education Kenya