VOLUNTEERING : the only way to teach our young generation the value of service

Our society, which has rapidly developed with the general economy, has its goals in increasing and expanding materialistic economic value. Consequently, more weight is put on quantitative expansion rather than inner value, with more and more cases of justifying the means by the ends. Accordingly, social deterioration is being manifested and many are suffering from the psychologically harmful effects.


Now is the time to recover life’s essential value. It is time to ask ourselves again what a desirable school education, entrepreneurial spirit, household, and social value is.

This is our world, whether we live in Kenya or USA. IYF sees the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for ourselves and the generation to come. That’s why volunteers help in promoting the virtues of energy conservation, waste management, environmentally sound land use, and even tree planting. These activities foster responsible attitudes towards making the world a healthy place to live in. Through the examples and standards set by the volunteers, we hope to instill the same values in the public at large, thus changing the world on an ever-increasing level.

Giving back to the society and volunteering is the only way to teach our young generation the value of service. We see people as we wish or as the world wants them to be but really their heart and mind is what makes them people we are proud of. What you do comes from deep desire and the connection you make with the people around you.

Pinning my thoughts down, no peace comes from within without the pull from true will to serve others but by being there to those who are there for you and most of all those who need you even the most. The will to bring more impact if we really have a pure heart.

*February 2nd, 2019.Through the community service at KWS I had a lot to share with new friends. With a burdened heart only through the fellowship did I realize the error of my ways and found some peace within me.

2019 community service at by IYF at KWS on 2nd February.jpeg Ruth second from left, a student leader from Kenyatta University

Once I heard “Slowly by slowly if you disconnect from EXCHANGE you get ruined,” This got me thinking and opened my heart more and guess what people, every day is a chance to grow a little more and build your inner man. When our hearts are open, we can freely think about the community joyfully and happily.

community service at by IYF at KWS on 2nd February 2019.jpeg

*When we do service with others, we fellowship and get a piece of them too and end up building the community we wish for. With the right mindset we can freely receive the hearts and thoughts of those we want to change. “Change mindset to serve others.**

2019 community service at by IYF at KWS on February 2nd.jpeg

community service at by IYF on February 2nd 2019.jpeg

community service at KWS on February 2nd 2019.jpeg

community service at by IYF at KWS on February 2nd 2019.jpeg


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