What do you say during the month of October

What do you have to say about cancer?

As you mark the cancer awarness month, you should consider having a positive mind.

What pyschologists consider as placebo effect as a healing effect on cancer. This is an extract of a story from the mind education.You apply this in your life, and things will never be the same again.

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Notes taken on finding happiness

There is a doctor I know who is an expert in alternative medicine. He was a surgeon at one point, having performed surgeries on many different cancer patients. The patients ultimately passed away. He felt the limits of treating people through surgery. But then one day, he spoke to a patient suffering high blood pressure, diabetes and breast cancer. While taking extra close care of this person, he had the chance to hear about her past. She and her husband had three children and were living a happy life. They saved money for a long time, and finally bought a house. But one day they were scammed and lost their house. They had nowhere to go, and with their three children, they had to move into a single bedroom space. Their situation was extremely pitiful. This woman cursed those criminals every waking moment. She lived each day cursing, blaming, and hating the people who scammed her out of her house. Her life had now become nothing but a curse, filled with pain and despair. This doctor then spoke with this patient
“Is your husband healthy?” “Yes he is healthy.” “Yes my husband loves me.” “What about your children?” “My children are great young kids.” This doctor found the point of happiness in this patient’s life and wrote them down in a notebook. He handed it to the woman, and he told her when she wakes up in the morning to pick up the notebook and walk around the house, saying, “I am happy. I have a good husband. I am a little sick, but my husband is healthy. We don’t have a house, but my children have been raised well.” This woman listened and began to speak about happiness. Every day she would circle her house for 20-30 minutes in the morning and evening. Then one month later, he saw that her health had improved significantly. This doctor did away with the methods of treatment he had previously been using, and start treating his patients with the new method.

Make your own notes on happiness