IYF Campus Club Activities

Using a phrase that "The youth are the leaders of tomorrow", IYF in partnership with the Government has managed to ensure that the youth cling to the thread of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel over the predicaments facing them. The organization established IYF clubs across the World including Kenya, United States, Central America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. In Kenya we have IYF clubs activities going on in 30 different Institutions of higher learning.


Charitable education program not only teaching knowledge but training heart and mind to nurture youths as leaders of the world.


Mind lecture, Chinese, Korean,Thai, Spanish, French, Tae Kwon Do, Cultural Dances, and Music.

2.Cultural Experinces

Through exchange of ideas and diverse cultural performances during the IYF culture weeks, we expose people to different cultures making them understand and appreciate each other and their cultural backgrounds.



3. Debate and Talk Show live on TV

Debating helps to develop students who are imperative to the future into leaders of the global age through sharing ideas to instill international mindset and improve communication skills.

4. Games and Sports

Sporting activities help in promoting team work. As people come together and gather their minds together to play, they get to understand about each other. This in turn enhances cohesion.
Coming out of the usual lectures they have a time play and join themselves in teams and completed missions as well as different games. Through this they are able to join their hearts in teamwork to win and hence cohesion.



5. Inter-Campus speech language competition

This event is widely known for its prestige and large scale drawing recognition from different people. The contest is acclaimed for the subjects presented by the students in giving inspiration to people.

6. Students Camp and International World Cultural Exhibition

Volunteers, who have completed their overseas Volunteer Programs (GNC), organize a yearly International Cultural Exhibition presenting their Experiences and what they have learned about their host countries. Organized and staffed completely by Colleges and University Students. Culture Expo is an event that attracts Ambassadors and Dignitaries every year and works towards global culture awareness.



7. Performances

8. Community Services

No matter how excellent an idea is, it remains intangible unless put into action. Whether it be unclogging sewage or Visiting orphans, IYF leads a variety of Community programs to teach students on how to give back to the society.



9. Inter-Universites Smposiums

The IYF Inter-University Symposium teaches Self-Control to college Students and puts on the wings of Hope through this Global Inter-University Symposiums. The Symposium is for College Students to have firsts hand experience and grow their International view.