Mind Lecture

Embodying a happy society through a bright and healthy mind

The most basic condition for a healthy society is for the members of society to possess the right mind. The mind is not visible through the eye, but it is like the blueprint of a building. As the shape and structure of a building will change according to how the blueprint is drawn, life also changes according to what kind of mind you possess.

Our society, which has rapidly developed with the general economy, has its goals in increasing and expanding materialistic economic value. Consequently, more weight is put on quantitative expansion rather than inner value, with more and more cases of justifying the means by the ends. Accordingly, social deterioration is being manifested and many are suffering from the psychologically harmful

Now is the time to recover life’s essential value. It is time to ask ourselves again what a desirable
school education, entrepreneurial spirit, household, and social value is. Mind Education is the search
for the answer to such questions. Mind Education means education that changes the mind.
This era demands that true Mind Education is the one that changes the mind from negativity to
positivity, misery to hope, and isolation to sympathy.

Through Mind Education we show the exact way of the heart as well as providing mind education
that instills the right mind and brings about actual change in life. Accordingly, IYF will ceaselessly
strive to help people live a happy life by overcoming problems in life and to heal the ill society with
the goal of nurturing talent based on the right character and mind.

The ultimate mission and goal of International Youth Fellowship is to realize a happy society
through a bright and healthy mind. We look forward to making and opening the way to such a society.