Navigating the Heart

Navigating the Heart

Who Is Dragging You?

By Ock Soo Park

Materials cannot bring peace to the heart. Navigating the Heart organizes the core issues of the heart, bringing peace and reconciliation. See the kind of heart that you are living with. Then the worries and grief of your heart will disappear, giving you a productive, upbeat life.

Pastor Ock Soo Park illuminates the troubles that stop the heart from loving as it should. When the heart becomes proud, communication halts. When a person enters such an isolated state, he can fall into delinquent behavior, and it becomes extremely difficult to break free. Navigating the Heart reveals the importance of humbling your heart and beginning to touch the heart of others.

As a pastor, Ock Soo Park has educated prisoners for years. Through counseling them, he realized the people in prison were there because they did not have enough communication of the heart. Their hearts had become isolated, and they only trusted in themselves. When people think that they are right too often, communication with others begins to cease, making people fall only into their own thoughts and have the wrong kind of mind-set. Through his work with youth, Ock Soo Park has seen hundreds of young people go across the world as volunteers. Many young people who had not been able to live normal lives, suffering from addictions, are now living completely new lives. Learn how to turn your own life around with this heart-changing book. Step in a bold direction and start positive changes in your own life as you become freed from negative thoughts and begin to live a truly beautiful life.