Good News Corps

17 years of exchange and change.

Good News Corps (GNCorps) is an IYF volunteering initiative that helps develop next generation’s leaders by instilling a broadened view of the world and the spirit for self-sacrifice. GNCorps creates opportunities for college-age youths to travel overseas and directly engage in all aspects of foreign culture: language, cuisine, music, architecture, sports, and traditional performances. Through 11 months of service with these various interactions, GNCorps volunteers develop a global perspective and gain a genuine heart to serve others. GNCorps overseas volunteers also work to advance collaboration and international exchange, as well as provide services that improve the quality of life, education, and spiritual conditions in each participating nation.

It started with 14 young people who took the challenge.

Good News Corps was founded in 2002 by International Youth Fellowship (IYF) when the first 14 Good News Corps volunteers were dispatched from Korea to countries across the world. They returned with amazing testimonials from living among natives, connecting with them, heart-to-heart, and seeing parts of the world they never knew existed. Since then, approximately 5,000 young adults have devoted 11 months of their lives to serve abroad with GNCorps, which now spans the globe. GNCorps volunteers travel overseas to and from Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia, and America.

Programs of GNC

Mission Work

GNCorps prides itself on a diverse multi-component program that trains the mind, body, and spirit. GNCorps mission activities include visitations, spiritual counseling, youth and community outreach, Sunday school teaching, and mission journeys to remote locations. GNCorps maximizes volunteers’ opportunities to touch lives on a much deeper level.

Environmental Preservation

We understand the importance of a clean environment for generations to come. GNCorps volunteers help promote energy conservation, waste management, sustainable land use, even tree planting. Our hope is that people are positively affected by the standards set by GNCorps volunteers, thus effecting change wherever we work.

Language Studies

Language has the power to not only communicate ideas, but a person’s hopes and dreams to others. GNCorps volunteers are placed in the best possible situation to learn languages. Every native in a host country becomes a “tutor” for GNCorps volunteers and they develop proficiency through being fully immersed with the culture on a daily basis.

Translation and Interpretation

GNCorps alumni have served in major events such as the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2005 APEC Summit as translators and interpreters. The training acquired from Good News Corps allows them to become global ambassadors who can bridge the gap between languages and hearts.

Continuing Education

GNCorps volunteers enrich their host countries by instructing natives in a number of different fields: computer literacy, language, and music just to name a few. Volunteers are encouraged to put personal expertise to use and sometimes even discover hidden skills. There is always something a volunteer can share, and someone willing to learn.

Youth Outreach

Good News Corps carries out the IYF mission of addressing youth delinquency. Volunteers are positioned to be positive role models who change the mindsets of at-risk youths. Through events like English Camp, volunteers work as group counselors and program managers. As GNCorps volunteers become increasingly involved with youth-related issues, they realize the important role they play in shaping the future.

Cultural Exchange

Good News Corps is a great way to experience foreign cultures, but is also the best way to share one’s own culture. Volunteers present their cultural findings through exhibit displays, as well as dances, songs, and “true stories” play productions. This is just one more way Good News Corps unites and brings cultures closer together.


  1. Global leadership skills
  2. Broadened perspectives on the world
  3. Foreign language proficiency through direct interaction and first-hand experience
  4. Access to our 80-country volunteering network
  5. Renewed faith in God
  6. Newfound confidence to overcome burdens through faith
  7. Lasting relationships with natives of the host country and fellow volunteers

Basic Requirements

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Kenyan citizen
  3. Single
  4. Good News Corps administers a Health Status Review (batter of health-related questions) to all prospective volunteers. This preliminary evaluation helps determine if an applicant can continue the application process and receives further training.
  5. Valid travelling documents
    1. International Passport
    2. Visa
    3. Air plane ticket (varies depending on the distance)

Participation Requirements

All applicants are dispatched abroad after successfully completing the application and training process, which includes:

1.Attendance of 3 separate training workshops

Applicants are educated in the mission and values of Good News Corps. Each workshop consists of spiritual development sessions, guest lectures, group discussions and activities, and hands-on preparation for projects in the field.

2.Participation in group volunteer projects

Good News Corps organizes group projects that give applicants the opportunity to engage and assist the local community. Through practical experience, prospective volunteers can apply the IYF core values of Challenge, Change, and Cohesion in the real world.

3.Choosing a host nation

Prospective volunteers must choose 3 host countries in order of preference. In the event that one host nation yields too many requests, GNCorps leadership will review each application and consider a variety of factors when making a decision on which applicants to dispatch, which include, but is not limited to, the completion of the required training workshops and activities.