IYF Medical Volunteers

IYF Medical Volunteers

The IYF Medical Volunteer as a humanitarian volunteer initiative provides medical treatment and health education to underserved individuals across the globe, suffering from untreated diseases and/or the effects of devastating natural disasters

Our purpose

  • Prevent and treat diseases in those in areas without readily available medical treatment
  • Have Spiritual fellowship with the attendees during the medical camps
  • Spread true life loving activities
  • Enhance national prestige through international humanitarian relief work


With in the past few years we have recieved more than 1000000 patients and all have been attended to by our doctors.

Who can volunteer?

  • Doctors
  • Caregivers (Nurses, Lab Ass, Chemists, Health)
  • Interpreters (Local Dialects, Foreign..French, Spanish, Chinese etc )
  • Medical College students volunteering
  • Physical Workers.
  • Photo Journalist, videos, news.

Our Mission

The mission of GNMV as a humanitarian volunteer initiative in Kenya is to provide medical treatment, relief, and health education to marginalized communities and underserved individuals across the country.

If you join us;

  • Opportunity to attend free medical camp in upcountry
  • Opportunity to attend Christmas cantata.
  • Opportunity to attend world camp