Staff Volunteers

Period :

At least 6 months

Who can volunteer?

 Youths Between 17-30, Long term holiday university students and those who want to have internship

Content of training

  • Academy course; 3 - 4 months
    1. basic : Mind education, Language, music, dance, taekwondo, office work
    2. 2 months later : computer, piano (Those who finish basic course
    3. Mind education course - Essentiality
  • Field Experience - Marketing, Advertisement, Office work
  • Special 1 month : Preparation of Youth Camp


  • Developed leadership / event managementskills.
  • A broadened, global perspective.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language(s) through direct interaction and first-hand experience.
  • Access to an expansive global volunteering network.
  • A renewed spirit in God.
  • A newfound confidence to overcome burdens through faith.
  • Lasting relationships with natives of the host country and fellow volunteers.
  • Organize Camps and Youth Festivals/Forums.
  • Volunteer Certificate
  • Camp Certificate
  • Qualify for overseas volunteer
  • Recommendation letter

How to Register

  • Visit us at our offices behind Safari Park Hotel, USIU Rd, GBS Tv studio, Ground floor, A Building
  • Contact us through:
    1. Email:
    2. Phone: 0708333444